SW test

The @AmericanHernia Residents & Fellows Committee interviewed @VedraAugenstein and me for their new monthly series. 🤗

I was happy to share my career path so I can highly encourage you residents and fellows to consider herniology as well! It’s the best and most fun specialty in


Today is the last day for Early Bird rates at our annual @IHC_hernia meeting.

#IHC2024 is packed with fab international faculty, wellness and cultural events

Register here:


Today, May 1st, is International Mesh Awareness Day.

It’s fitting that I performed a mesh removal operation today. It is also fitting that today I submitted our research project on Mesh Implant Illness.

I have a dream that one day we will have mesh products that do no harm,

Literally me on vacation (which I almost never take)…

Also me at the upcoming beachside surgical meetings:
- @amcgmx 2024
- @IHC_hernia 2024
- @SAGES_Updates 2025

[Slaps side of truck]

What you got right here my friend is a hernia. If it’s bothering you, we can fix it. But if it’s not, you can go another 10k miles before we should check out again.

Let me peek at the other side and see what’s happening over there.