Abdominal Hernia

Shirin Towfigh, M.D., F.A.C.S. and the Beverly Hills Hernia Center are here to answer all of your questions relating to the several types of hernias that cause pain and upset for countless patients. Many patients are confused when it comes to hernias and their treatment, and Dr. Towfigh is delighted to clear up some of that confusion.

To begin with, an abdominal hernia refers to any hernia in the front of your torso or belly, but not in the groin. It gets somewhat confusing because a femoral hernia that usually occurs in the groin area is a type of abdominal wall hernia, but is not actually considered an abdominal hernia.

There are several types of abdominal hernias, but they cannot occur just anywhere on the stomach or abdomen. Below is a list of hernias that appear in the vicinity of the stomach and abdomen.

This is the most common abdominal hernia. It is found at the navel or belly button. This causes what many patients refer to as “outtie” type of navel. These hernias are exceptionally common in babies and young children.
These are found either just above the navel or half-way between the belly button and the lower chest bone (or xiphoid).

They are found on the left or right side of the lower abdomen, about 2 fingerbreadths below the level of the navel. A Spigelian herniais a relatively rare phenomenon.

This is an internal hernia of the pelvis. It is most likely to be seen in thin frail patients who also have severe constipation. They are difficult to diagnose as no bulge is seen on any part of the stomach or pelvic areas. Pain with these hernias results in difficulty rotating the hip inwards.

Hernia Treatment with Dr. Towfigh

As the only physician in the Western United States focused exclusively on treating abdominal wall hernias, Dr. Towfigh possesses an unique level of expertise and experience at treating the kind of hernias that may appear in either abdominal or pelvic/groin regions. She is an acknowledged expert in the treatment of hernias as well as in minimally invasive surgical techniques. Dr. Towfigh has taught at many of Southern California’s most respected medical institutions including the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. A master of hernia surgery, she is also willing to employ more conservative, nonsurgical treatments where appropriate.

Dr. Towfigh has also received special media attention for her ability to help patients whose hernia pain has been exacerbated by misdiagnosis. Unfortunately, many doctors seem to have a particularly hard time identifying a hernia in women patients, whereas Dr. Towfigh has been leading the way in understanding how to identify more difficult to spot types of hernia. Respected throughout the medical community for her medical skill and empathetic bedside manner, Dr. Towfigh has been a leader in helping women who have been suffering sometimes for years without effective treatment.

Medical observers agree that that Dr. Towfigh and the Beverly Hills Hernia Center’s is the gold standard in medical care for hernias. The doctor’s thoughtful approach has helped countless patients onto the road to hernia recovery. For further information, call our offices at 310-358-5020 or reach us through our contact form. The doctor and her friendly and conscientious staff are looking forward to hearing from you.