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Beverly Hills
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Your Pain Relief Starts Here

Welcome to Beverly Hills Hernia Center

Dr. Shirin Towfigh, MD FACS
Globally Recognized

The Beverly Hills Hernia Center is among a handful of centers in the world that truly specializes in the treatment of all hernias and hernia-related complications. We look forward to helping you.

Renowned hernia specialist, Dr. Shirin Towfigh, MD FACS is among a few surgeons in the United States whose work is 100% dedicated to treating all types of abdominal wall, flank, back, and pelvic floor hernias and their complications. She provides all options for expert, state-of-the art treatment, such as open, laparoscopic, and robotic-assisted procedures. She also provides non-surgical and natural options.

A Pioneer in Hernia Repairs

All About Mesh

There is a lot of press surrounding mesh. What is it? Why do we use it? Is it safe? Learn more.

Hernias in Women

We tailor our operative recommendations to be specific to your needs . No technique is superior to another.

Mesh Removal

Learn more about herniaΒ  related complications, including mesh related pain and reactions.


We like to start homeopathics before surgery in order to reduce pain, swelling, and bruising. The regimen will be provided during your consultation visit.

Sports Hernias

Learn more about the types of hernias, including Sports Hernia, also known as Inguinal Disruption Injuries.

Hernia Talk

Join our new and improved hernia discussion forum. We hope you enjoy being a part of the discussion.

Our Specialties

Chronic Pain

Treatment of chronic pain after hernia repair can be complicated. But it can be treated.

Mesh Complications

We treat mesh-related pain, mesh-reactions, and mesh infections.

Laparoscopic & Robotic

In many cases, laparoscopic or robotic-assisted techniques can provide improved outcome and recovery. Most of our repairs use this technology.

Non-Mesh Repairs

Not all patients benefit from mesh repair. We believe in non-mesh tissue repair for many women, thin, and some younger patients.

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Join the discussion on Hernia Talk, the forum related to hernia repair, pelvic health and more.


#HerniaTalk LIVE Q&A this Tuesday 12/06/2022, 4:30 pm Pacific (GMT-8)

Topic: Hernia Surgery During the Holidays

Register here:


Mark your calendars!!

Another @IHC_hernia international #hernia meeting coming to you.

More details to come in 2023. For now, just block the time.


#HerniaTalk LIVE Q&A this Tuesday 11/29/2022, 4:30 pm Pacific (GMT-8)

Topic: Hernia Surgery in Women

Guest Panelist: Dr. Dina Podolsky, Hernia Surgery Specialist @ColumbiaSurgery


For anyone who has #BrainFog since their hernia repair with #mesh, this article may help you understand it better. An abnormally high inflammatory response of your body to the mesh may be the underlying cause.

#ASIAsyndrome #MII #BII

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What it’s like to live with brain fog

Brain fog, which includes impaired attention, concentration, memory and processing speed, can be debilitating.

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