Hernia Symptoms

Hernia symptoms vary from patient to patient. Most with hernias do not have much pain or discomfort. Rather, they notice a bulge under their skin. In some, the hernia-related pain may be completely debilitating and prevent even normal activities.



For groin hernias, the pain may be at the groin region, above the groin crease. It may also radiate to the upper leg, upper inner thigh, around the back, or into the vagina or scrotum. It never radiates to the buttock to below the knee.

For umbilical or belly button hernias, the pain may be at the belly button or to the left or right of it.

For most other hernias, the pain is directly over the hernia and does not radiate.

Hernia-related pain may be sharp, shooting, stabbing, dull, aching, electrical, tingling, or feel like a “hot poker.” Everyone is different. Also, the pain may be intermittent, come and go, or be constant.