Complex Hernia Cases

Dr. Shirin Towfigh specializes in abdominal wall hernia repair and complex hernia cases for Los Angeles area patients at the Beverly Hills Hernia Center. She is one of the leading specialists in surgical repair of hernias using laparoscopic and da Vinci robotically assisted surgical techniques, so her patients benefit from smaller incisions, lower chances of hernia recurrence or an incisional hernia, and faster recovery time with less scarring.

A complex hernia is one that recurs after surgical repair, is associated with an infection, or which leads to a more serious complication like bowel perforation or fistulas. As one of the most acclaimed doctors in her field, Dr. Towfigh can advise patients with complex cases how to prevent a hernia in the future, and which measures could be best used to treat the existing hernia.

Hernia Prevention & Incisional Hernia Surgery

For patients who have undergone repeated surgeries to fix a persistent hernia, Dr. Towfigh has a great deal to offer. First, she is the leading expert in preventing complex hernia cases in Los Angeles. Not all doctors discuss these matters sufficiently with their patients, but Dr. Towfigh knows that, for patients prone to hernias or who have had several surgeries, prevention is key to moving on with their lives. She will discuss a combination of diet and core-strengthening exercise so that, after surgery, the patient can get on with his or her life without having to worry about the possibility of another hernia.

In some cases, a patient’s surrounding muscle tissue may be too weak on its own, so Dr. Towfigh will recommend using hernia surgery mesh to hold muscles and organs in place to prevent hernia recurrence. Dr. Towfigh can discuss different types of mesh, including synthetic or biological options. These are a good option to repair incisional hernias as well, to give the wound extra support and allow it to close.

Dr. Shirin Towfigh is the best choice to prevent or repair unusual hernias.

Dr. Shirin Towfigh specializes in diagnosing and treating abdominal wall hernias for both men and women, but she a number of her female patients are especially grateful because she has corrected issues that may have led to years of discomfort. Men are more prone to developing hernias than women, which unfortunately also means that many women have hernias that go undiagnosed. Especially if a woman has been pregnant, is overweight or obese, or has a chronic cough due to asthma or smoking, she can develop a hernia that a non-specialist may not discover until possibly serious complications have emerged.

Contact Dr. Shirin Towfigh and her team at Beverly Hills Hernia Center for questions about hernia surgery, recovery, diagnosis, and prevention.