Beverly Hills Hernia Center is the leading resource for the treatment and prevention of all types of hernias, including incisional hernias. These occur when the abdominal muscles are cut in order to let a surgeon operate in the abdominal cavity. The muscle is meant to be repaired after the surgery, but the area sometimes becomes weaker. In these cases an incisional hernia in men and women may occur.

There are many cases of incisional hernia symptoms in men and women, because surgery on the stomach area can be difficult at times and the aftermath may bring challenges which are not always predictable. The biggest sign of an incisional hernia in men is bulging near the surgical scar. The area may become red, with visible protrusion from the surgical wound. Other symptoms include fever, infection, swelling, aching, pain, and drainage with a strong smell. If you also have bowel obstruction that can be a sign of the strangulation of your intestines, in which case surgery is required very quickly.

The fact of the matter is that incisional hernia symptoms in men or women don’t go away on their own. They may appear suddenly or after weeks of slow growth. Usually hernias will continue to grow when they are untreated, so the problem will get worse over time. In most cases, hernia repair surgery is the best and only way to deal with this type of hernia.


If you have a hernia, there’s no better resource than Beverly Hills Hernia Center. Not only are we the leaders in hernia prevention in Southern California, we’re home to Dr. Shirin Towfigh, the Western United States’ only surgical specialist in abdominal wall hernias. Her minimally invasive surgical techniques are taught by her at some of the best teaching hospitals and medical universities in the country, supplying the next generation of doctors with the skills they need to treat the toughest hernias. With Dr. Towfigh on your side, hernia repair surgery is quicker and safer than ever before, so you can go back to a pain-free life before you know it.

Hernias are no joke, so if you even suspect you may have hernia symptoms, it’s vital to contact a hernia specialist immediately. Strangulation of a hernia can be life threatening in some cases. If you want to get treatment on your hernia or learn about the types of hernia mesh that are available, contact Beverly Hills Hernia Center today to make an appointment. To get started, call 310-358-5020 or visit our contact page.