Sports and athletics can be a fun and exciting way to stay in shape. However, one unfortunate side effect of rigorous physical activity is an increased possibility of getting injured. Among the various potential injuries suffered by those who engage in athletics, perhaps the least understood is a sports hernia. This failure to understand the underlying issues that surround sports hernias can lead to chronic pain and an unnecessary delay in diagnosis and treatment. Fortunately, though, those suffering from hernia have a remarkably effective in ally in Dr. Shirin Towfigh at the Beverly Hills Hernia Center.

A sports hernia is a type of inguinal hernia that’s caused by repetitive twisting and turning at high speed. As you might imagine, this type of hernia occurs mainly in people who play ice hockey, soccer or tennis. When muscles in the groin tear, it can cause weakness and pain.

Symptoms of hernia in men can differ significantly for the many types of hernia, and sports hernias are no different. Much like some inguinal hernia symptoms in men, there is no physical sign of hernia, but the sufferer might experience pain throughout the groin area that lingers for weeks or months. Sports medicine experts think that the condition results from overuse of groin muscles, which causes stress on the inguinal wall.

Unfortunately, a sports hernia can be hard to diagnose, which is why it is essential to undergo consultation from a highly skilled, experienced hernia surgeon like Dr. Towfigh prior to treatment. An athlete who visits Dr. Towfigh due to a sports hernia might be asked to perform sit-ups or other physical actions in order to see whether they cause pain.


Often, an athlete has had lingering groin pain for months. After diagnosis of sports hernia symptoms in men, Dr. Towfigh might recommend resting the groin muscles for several weeks, which can solve the problem in some cases. However, surgery is often needed to reinforce the inguinal wall. Competitive athletes might also elect to have surgery right away in order to resolve the problem and get back in shape as soon as possible.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or simply a sports enthusiast suffering from a sports hernia, you can do no better than to contact Dr. Towfigh at the Beverly Hills Hernia Center for treatment. Using methods like state-of-the-art laparoscopic hernia treatment and hernia mesh, Dr. Towfigh is always able to provide her patients with the most effective treatment, and she remains on hand throughout the recovery period.

Patients are always comforted to know that Dr. Towfigh is board certified in General Surgery by the American Board of Surgery, and she has many years of experience treating abdominal hernia symptoms in men. She has even treated fairly rare hiatal hernia symptoms in men. Further still, Dr. Towfigh has been ranked among “Best in the West” medical professionals by US News and World Report for 24 straight years. For further information on recurrent hernia treatment or hiatal hernia symptoms in men, or sports, inguinal or hiatal hernia symptoms in men from Dr. Towfigh and the Beverly Hills Hernia Center, please 310-358-5020 or visit our contact page.