Epigastric hernias are caused by naturally occurring weaknesses in the abdominal muscle, which can allow fatty tissue or organs to break through. They often appear in infants and very young children but, in other cases, there may be no sign of a problem until adulthood. Men are more likely to develop this type of hernia, but the kind of epigastric hernia women experience is no less painful and problematic and it often may be misdiagnosed by non-specialist physicians.

Dr. Shirin Towfigh of the Beverly Hills Hernia Center has attracted major media attention for her ability to diagnose hernia symptoms other physicians misidentified or failed to notice entirely. Indeed, as the only physician in the Western United States focusing strictly on the treatment of abdominal wall hernias, Dr. Towfigh is uniquely well qualified to diagnose and treat an epigastric hernia in women.

That’s not to say that epigastric hernia in adult women or men is consistently easy to either detect or treat. In fact, this type of hernia is often asymptomatic, which means that individuals can have this condition for years without having any sign of a problem. Flare-ups can be caused by many of the same risk-factors as for other hernias. These include obesity, pregnancy, lifting heavy objects, excessive coughing, or straining during defecation.

When there are symptoms, the primary sign of an adult onset epigastric hernia in women or men is pain located in the higher portions of the stomach, and sometimes a bulge in the abdomen. If the pain is intense and the skin is reddening and tender, then it’s possible emergency surgery will be needed. This could be a sign that organ tissue has become strangulated and emergency surgery may be called for. In both emergency and non-emergency cases, surgery is generally the recommended form of treatment for an epigastric hernia.


Hernias are a relatively common medical phenomenon but doctors who specialize in hernia treatment are, nevertheless, rare. Whether you are a woman who is experiencing possible symptoms of an epigastric or other type of hernia during pregnancy, or a man experiencing hernia symptoms who simply wants the highest level of treatment available, Dr. Shirin Towfigh of the Beverly Hills Hernia Center represents the gold standard in hernia care.

Dr. Towfigh is one of the nation’s leading experts in laparoscopic surgery, which employs miniature cameras to conduct minimally invasive procedures. As well as being one the nation’s leading practitioners of this type of procedure, she is also a highly respected, award-winning teacher who has worked with many of Southern California’s finest medical institutions.

Best of all, however, Dr. Towfigh believes strongly in an evidence-based form of treatment which does not rush into surgeries before there is strong evidence they are actually needed. In many cases, in fact, Dr. Towfigh will recommend a conservative, preventive approach to hernias. She knows that every hernia, and every patient, is different.

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