As possibly the nation’s leading hernia expert, Shirin Towfigh, M.D. of the Beverly Hills Hernia Center has been working to raise awareness of a distressing fact. Because hernias are commonly thought of as a primarily male medical issue, femoral hernia symptoms in women are going unrecognized and untreated. Indeed, a number of Dr. Towfigh’s patients have been women who suffered pain for extended periods of time while visiting a number of doctors who failed to consider the possibility that hernia repair surgery might be called for.

femoral hernia occurs when an abdominal organ, such as the small intestine, protrudes through a vulnerable area in the stomach muscle. Unlike other hernias, femoral hernia symptoms in women are more common for the simple reason that this type of hernia appears more often in women than in men.

Femoral hernias vary in their degree of seriousness, but sudden pains in the groin should be looked at immediately. If the organ tissue has become trapped, the condition may require emergency surgery. In fact, as many as one-third of all femoral hernia procedures are performed on an emergency basis, following the appearance of sudden groin pain. Part of the difficulty in diagnosing the problem is that these hernias are smaller than other types, which makes less dramatic femoral hernia symptoms in women, and men as well, harder to detect.

As the only practicing surgeon in the Western United States focusing on abdominal wall hernias, Dr. Towfigh has been at the forefront of raising awareness of the fact that many non-specialist physicians are failing to identify femoral hernia symptoms in women. Her work has attracted media attention with dramatic stories of women she has helped after multiple misdiagnoses. Dr. Towfigh is widely recognized as representing the gold standard in hernia care for both female and male patients.


While many types of hernias can often be treated with conservative preventative measures such as exercise and lifestyle changes, femoral hernias typically require a surgical intervention. The good news for patients is that Dr. Shirin Towfigh is perhaps the single most respected and experienced practitioner of minimally invasive laparoscopic hernia surgery working anywhere.

Dr. Towfigh is, in fact, a highly respected teacher in the field of laparoscopic surgical techniques, which utilize tiny cameras to perform extremely delicate operations that minimize trauma and reduce recovery times. She has taught at several of the most respected medical institutions in the Greater Los Angeles area, including Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine.

If you or a loved one – female or male – is currently experiencing symptoms that may indicate a femoral hernia is present, do not wait to seek treatment. Please contact the Beverly Hills Hernia Center at 310-358-5020 as soon as possible. You may also visit our contact page. Dr. Towfigh and our compassionate and highly experienced medical team are looking forward to hearing from you.