Even though the Beverly Hills Hernia Center has the foremost West Coast hernia specialist, Dr. Shirin Towfigh, all hernia repairs are at risk for recurrence. In fact, current hernia occurs at the site of the same place as a previous hernia repair, and is almost never a brand new hernia. Even though a hernia may reappear, it doesn’t necessarily mean your first operation was done incorrectly.


In order to reduce the risk of a recurrent hernia, you must control modifiable risk factors that you may have. The main risk factors than can cause a recurrent hernia include chronic cough, constipation, smoking tobacco, and obesity.

In some situations, the risk factors cannot be controlled and patients have an intrinsically higher risk of hernia recurrence than the average patient. This includes patients where hernias run in the family, have rare collagen disorders such as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, and those with careers that increase their abdominal pressure, such as opera singers, horn players, and certain athletes.

Also, each surgical technique has its own risk for recurrence. For example, using mesh has a lower risk of hernia recurrence than non-mesh tissue repair. However, mesh may shrink slightly over time or it may move and expose a corner of the hole where the hernia protruded. Mesh moving out of its original position is the most common reason for a recurrent hernia, which may be seen when mesh migrates from its original placement in the groin region, causing a recurrent inguinal hernia.

Also, how and where the mesh is placed plays an important role in determining the risk of hernia recurrence. Hernia recurrence rate is also very dependent on the surgeon and his/her surgical technique. For example, performing a “tight” repair or a repair performed with a lot of tissue injury, contributes to a higher risk of hernia recurrence. Dr. Towfigh chooses the hernia repair technique that has the lowest recurrence risk, assuming that that is the primary goal of the hernia repair. These are discussed with each patient prior to choosing the correct hernia repair.


If you are in need of expert hernia treatment, Los Angeles‘ foremost expert is at hand to help you with your recurrent hernia problem and to educate you about your modifiable risk factors so you can overcome the problem. Whether you have a recurrent inguinal hernia or some other less common type of hernia, Dr. Towfigh will expertly diagnose your hernia and get you on the path to treatment. To learn more, please contact the Beverly Hills Hernia Center today at 310-358-5020 or visit the contact page.