While some hernias in adults are acquired as a result of extreme stress that creates a weak spot in the groin or abdominal wall, many of the hernias that occur in adults and children are due to developmental problems that are there since birth. While many people do not think of children when they think of hernias, hernia repairs are one of the most common surgeries performed on young children. It is important for parents to be aware of the hernia symptoms in children so that hernias can be detected and fixed before they get worse. Common hernia symptoms in children include vomiting, pain, and visible protuberances or lumps.

It’s important for parents to know that these visible lumps may be visible permanently, or only in certain times of physical stress. It is common for the hernia lump to retract into the body except for when the child is crying, coughing, or doing something else that may strain the cavity wall. If the lump is permanently protruding and is hard to the touch, this is a sign of what’s referred to as an incarcerated hernia, and should be addressed by a hernia specialist like Dr. Shirin Towfigh immediately. If left untreated, an incarcerated hernia can interfere with digestion. A permanent protuberance can also cut off the blood flow of the intestine. This is referred to as a strangulated hernia, a very serious and urgent type of hernia that will almost always require surgery to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

Hernias in children can also be different from hernias in adults in that organs can get trapped in undeveloped body cavities in addition to unnatural holes in the abdominal walls. When babies are born, there are often cavities in their bodies that organs and tissues have yet to grow into, and sometimes, intestinal organs can sneak into these areas meant for other organs. This type of baby hernia should be corrected to ensure that all of the baby’s developing organs settle properly.

In young boys, inguinal hernias are one of the most commonly seen types of hernias that occur in the groin when tissue fails to fully form around the inguinal ring once the testicle passes through.

In both girls and boys, umbilical hernias are also one of the most common hernias in children. This occurs due to a weakness around the site of the navel that young children are often born with. While these often require hernia repair surgery, they can sometimes go away in a matter of years without any sort of intervention. This is one of the situations where it is very important to consult an experienced and knowledgeable expert like Dr. Towfigh to help you make a treatment decision depending on your child’s overall health and current hernia pain.

A child’s health is one of the biggest concerns that parents have to think about in their life. It is stressful knowing that you are responsible for the care and well-being of another human being. Luckily, the pressure of caring for your child can be alleviated by the knowledge that there is no better option than Dr. Shirin Towfigh when it comes to your child’s hernia treatment. If your child is exhibiting any of the hernia symptoms described above, don’t wait another day to contact Dr. Towfigh and the dedicated staff at Beverly Hills Hernia Center.