The epigastric hernia is a very common type of hernia, which is typically found just above the navel or between the belly button and lower chest bone. These types of hernias are very small, so it isn’t uncommon for them to go undiagnosed. However, since hernias don’t go away on their own and can cause severe pain and complications in some cases, it’s recommended to seek hernia treatment as soon as possible. At Beverly Hills Hernia Center, we offer the latest in hernia repair and detection for all types of hernias, including epigastric cases.

An epigastric hernia in men is more typical, but it can also sometimes be found in women. In fact, men are 2 to 3 times more likely to develop this type of hernia. Men from ages 20-50 are the most at risk. The risk of multiple hernias with an epigastric hernia in men is 20%, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the risk of the hernia becoming strangulated and requiring emergency surgery is higher.

So, how can you tell if you have an epigastric hernia? Epigastric hernia symptoms in men are very similar to many other types of hernias. You may see a bulge under the skin in the upper abdomen, just off the midline. If you strain your abdomen with regular activities, such as coughing, urination and bowel movements, or lifting heavy objects, that may also be a sign of a hernia. The pain can also appear during long periods of sitting or standing.


Beverly Hills Hernia Center is the leading resource in Southern California for treatment of hernias of all kinds. We are led by surgeon Dr. Shirin Towfigh, the only physician in the Western United States specializing in abdominal wall hernias, which makes her a leading expert in detecting epigastric hernia symptoms in both men and women. In fact, she’s especially skilled in detecting hernias in women, which are less common and therefore tougher to diagnose. She also has a history of spotting the more difficult types of hernias, sometimes misdiagnosed by doctors who don’t specialize in hernias or hernia repair.

At Beverly Hills Hernia Center, hernia repair is performed with minimally invasive surgical techniques. These state of the art surgical procedures can cut down on your recovery time tremendously. You can get back to your regularly scheduled life with relatively little delay, and without the pain of your hernia dragging you down. We also regularly fix infected hernia mesh, a frequent complication that may develop. Whether you need advice on how to treat a hernia during pregnancy or need to relieve pain from your hernia, Beverly Hills Hernia Center is your best resource. You can set an appointment by dialing 310-358-5020 or visiting our contact page.